Taste of the Wild High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food

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Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food

When it comes to choosing the right food for your dog, you would want to choose nothing but the best.Unfortunately, choosing from a range of products available in the market can become a daunting task as the dog food industry slowly gets saturated with products that look just the same, making this simple task increasingly tough to accomplish.

In this article, we will review taste of wild food giving you an in-depth analysis of the product and whether this should make a place in your dog’s kennel or not.

1) what is the taste of wild food?

We know there’s certainly no way we can generalize what suits best to our dog’s every need.Whether your pup has begun growing or your three months pregnant bitch has started lactating you know their nutrient requirements wouldn’t be the same.Then why choose the same dog food?

The makers of the wild food guarantee providing all that your dog will ever need from the range of products they have to offer. The taste of the wild food is a high-quality grain free dog food
created to nurture your dog’s everyday requirements and
comes in with an irresistible taste that would leave your dog wanting for more!

2) Is this trusted?

The taste of the dog wild food is produced by the diamond pet food company, the makers are based in Missouri and are well known in the US for their credibility and premium quality.
Despite having a calling history the company has ever been to action since 2012. So yes, this is one hundred percent trusted.

3) What is it made of?

The wild food has been made out of a variety of ingredients including high-quality meat, canola oil, egg products, chicory root, chick meal, peas along with many more secondary products required to provide your dog with a wholesome meal.

Most of the ingredients used in wild food are aimed to provide High protein content along with essential dietary values. Here is a list of all the main ingredients and the nutrients they provide:
1) buffalo(bison): easy to digest and is a major source of protein.
2) potatoes: great source of antioxidants and multivitamins
3) peas: good source for high protein
4) canola oil: supplements omega-6 and omega-3 acids to prevent aging and rejuvenate dog skins.

4)product specifications

Taste of the wild food comes in with a range of flavors like the benison, high prairie, lamb, pacific stream, salmon and many more! It is packaged in different sizes in the categories from 14 to 40 pounds so you can schedule your dog’s eating plan longwise.

The provision of different flavors is certainly a big win-win for the company. It proves invaluable for those dogs which are allergic to certain flavors to use the another as a substitute, for instance, a variety of dogs have been found out to be allergic to benison, under such conditions beef proves out to be a good option to them.

5)The diamond pet’s Recall history

The company ran into a lawsuit when a certain bunch of its products was found to have been infected by salmonella bacteria. Nothing is yet confirmed about what had actually happened and whether the company was entirely responsible for the mishap. A huge settlement fee was paid to the victims and the company went over a momentary shutdown. Since 2012 after having started once again the company hasn’t turned its back.

6) is this the right choice for your dog?

The taste of wild food is ideally suitable for all the different breeds of dogs. Puppies need it ideally for growth owing to the high protein content it has. Dogs who have allergies to food grains would love eating it. Wild food is best for dogs prone to allergens, athletic dogs need it as a source of high energy.It is suitable for both high and low breed dogs.

6) Consumer’s feedback

The response towards the taste of wild food up till now has gone massively well.The product has received thousands of positive reviews on different sites for its uniqueness.The visitors often quote the balanced diet and its, sensational taste to be the main reasons for its success. For some owners, it has helped their underweighted dogs gain weight, or turned their dog’s scruffy hairs to smooth and shiny ones.

While there are reviews about The kibble is small and solid and that it doesn’t crumble easily, many owners have used a combination of wet and dry weight claiming that it brought the best out of the product for least price possible!

A few customers noted the Disadvantages due to the Discontinuing of the wild food saying their dog’s immune system substantially reduced and they had to revert back to using the product.

Compared to its competitors the taste of the wild food was found to provide an exhaustive list of way more nutrients at a lower pricer than others.

We rate the Taste of wild food a good four out of five stars despite that Initial feeding can show problems such as soft stools or upset stomach these effects would only be momentary and the dog’s body would sooner get used to it.Overall, the product is a great buy for those you want only the best for their dogs. You will see how they would love eating it and would want more and more!

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