15 Easy Tips to Keep Your German Shepherd Healthy

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German Shepherd Health

15 Easy Tips to Keep Your German Shepherd Healthy

Whenever you go for a morning walk, you see a good, tall German shepherd with great aesthetics and fitness, and you wonder that why in this world your dog is not fit like that. You wonder if he is eating enough? You wonder what you are doing wrong? Well if you have these types of queries in mind then you have probably landed in the correct place.

German Shepherd is the most attractive and intelligent dog breed on this planet. Cunning brain and fit body are the biggest quality of any GSD. But just like anyone else, your dog requires a daily routine to keep him fit, and you are the one who is responsible for creating this routine. Well, be not afraid as here we bring you 15 insanely easy tips which will surely help you keep your GSD healthy.

1. 20-minute Daily Walk

Walking remains the ever best life hack for being fit. It’s the best cardio for anyone, may it be a human or a dog. If you think that your dog is underweight and does not entail any walks, then you are wrong. An excess of energy without any proper channelizing would make him too aggressive.

So here’s what you need to do

  • Go for a walk for at least 20-40 minutes.
  • Try not to take any breaks in this 20-minute walk.
  • Do try to change your location from time to time as this will give your GSD a lot more exposure.
  • Let your dog lead your way.

2. Pack Up The Loneliness And Make Your Pup A Social Being

What if you are locked inside your house watching those four crazy walls without any social interaction, feeling your dog? As said earlier, dogs are the most curious creatures; they like to visit new places & meet new people. Well, as per dog-training-excellence.com you should:

  • Take your pup to the vet for his first dose of shots and straight after that.
  • Enroll your pup in a puppy socialization class.
  • Remember that early socialization is a decisive advantage.
  • If you begin his socialization after he is 4-6 months of age, his socialization will be closed forever, and chances are you are going to raise an unfriend. However, do keep in mind that taking your dog outside means making him prone to the environment. So, ensure that you get proper vaccines for your dogs before you begin with socialization and also take care that the environment around your place is fit for your pup.

3. Feeding Three Times A Day, Keep The Vet Away

Well, I have seen a lot of reckless dog owners just giving a bowl full of meal in the morning and rely on their dog to fruitfully utilize that meal for the whole day. But let me make it very clear that this idea is surely not going to worry and coward dog.

German Shepherds are large dogs, and they can bloat if provided large meals at once say siheartdogs.org. Bloat has a high mortality rate, and its treatment is too expensive. So follow this simple regime:

  • Take up a small feeder bowl.
  • Find out his daily diet requirements.
  • Provide him these requirements in three different meals.
  • Try not to go for a long walk right after the meal.

4. What’s Better Than Getting Fit While Playing?

Gaining fitness is not always that monotonous, at least in the case of dogs. It’s quite easy for your dog to burn a lot of fats and become fit while playing small games like find the thrown object. Well, this is my personal favorite game to play with my dog.

What it does is it gives a two-fold development to your dog. Firstly it makes him run, which makes him fit. Secondly, it creates a habit of your dog to recognize things. So all you need to do is go to a park which has an open place. Throw a Frisbee at some distance and ask your pup to get it back to you. Try to avoid playing this game at busy places as it might distract your dog.

5. Summers On The Brink, Keep Your Cute Little Creature Cool

What most of the people think is that GSD has a double coat and can sustain any type of environment. Well, these coarse coats may be a blessing in winters but they become a foe in summers. Summers are unbearable even for dogs. So as per www.ilovegermanshepherds.com here is what you can do this summer to keep your dog fit:

  • Keep your German Shepherd well sheltered.
  • Make sure he is resting in the shade.
  • Make sure that you provide him fresh cool water regularly throughout the day.
  • Take him for a swim often.
  • Try to do the daily exercise in morning and evening.

6. Teach Him What To Eat & Most Importantly What Not To Eat

Anyone who has pets surely understands this problem. Pets especially dogs eat anything. This problem increases with a GSD as they have an acute sense of smell and can detect anything from quite far away and anything, literally means anything, ranging from rubber, plastic, fur, shoes to even poops. But what healthy dogs have in common is that they know what they should not eat. So always keep an eye on what your dog eats.

  • Keep an eye that he does not intake any useless substance.
  • Even if he has a habit of doing so try to teach him with love and rewarding.
  • Never try to beat or bash your dog it will make him too sad instead.

7. Bribe v/s Reward

Well, this is one of the most controversial things. Some people say that rewarding your dog for doing a good thing is great, but others argue that this will make him greedy and aggressive also. Well, here we are to draw a thin line between both these things.

As per yourdogsfriend.com “bribe is where the promise of payment comes before the behavior is executed. With a reward, the behavior comes first.” Well, let me explain this, instead of telling your dog beforehand about the treat and then asking him to complete the task you should show him the treat only after he completes the task. In this way, the behavior he did will not be based on the greed of the treat but the possibility of it.

8. Teach Him Not To Jump

You might be quite astonished to see this as one of the points to keep your dog healthy but trust me it’s worth reading. You might find it cute when your tiny pup jumps or tries to jump with his two paws. But trust me you are not going to love it once he grows adult. So, if you want him not to jump, begin teaching him right from the beginning. Here are the steps that you can follow:

  • When you find your pup on two paws, try to ignore him and stay away from him.
  • Greet him happily when he is on four paws.
  • Again try to ignore him when he is on two paws.
  • He will be able to judge from your behavior that such things are not accepted.

9. Break The Chains But Not The Bars

Well, freedom of a dog is yet another point which entails the growth of a dog. As per my experience, the dog is not a creature who can be chained all day to a pole. So you should avoid this as much as possible.However, provide him only with the freedom he has earned. Follow these steps:

  • When he is a pup keep him restricted to a relatively compact space.
  • After he begins to grow, try to analyze if he has been successfully restricted to the said space.
  • Only if he is comfortable in the place provided start to increase his mobility area.
  • In this way, he can enjoy his freedom, and it will even relieve you from any worry about him.

10. A Clean And Healthy Pup Will Always Become Vigor

After fitness, another paramount thing for your dog is cleanliness and hygiene. Your dog’s fur can be infected by various pests especially if he spends most of the time outdoors. So take proper care of cleaning your dog. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Shampoo his fur around once or twice a month.
  • Use the right temperature of water to do so.
  • Do not apply shampoo on his head.
  • Use a washcloth to clean his face.
  • Use a good quality shampoo made especially for the coat of a GSD.
  • Try not to increase the frequency of bathing as it can cause skin irritations.

11. Regular Brushing

You may take your German Shepherd to a professional groomer for some haircuts and baths, but in the meantime, you will have to brush out his coat to remove the dead hairs and other kinds of debris. The German Shepherd has long hairs, so it is advisable you brush them daily. But brushing requires a great technique. Here’s how you should brush your kiddo:

  • Brush out the hair outwards.
  • Try to be gentle.
  • Apply any coat conditioner for tangled hair.
  • Use Rubber comb to loosen dust.

12. Ear Cleaning Means Infections Cleaning

Cleaning your dog’s ears is always a crucial part of your dog’s hygiene. If you do not do a regular cleaning of your dog’s ears, it’s quite sure that your German Shepherd’s ears will become a breeding ground for a whole lot of bacterial and fungal infections.

Cleaning your dog’s ear is a very easy process if you follow these simple tips. Check your GSD’s ears regularly for any diseases or problems like dirt, parasites or any discharge. Ideally, your GSD’s ears must be pink, clean and healthy. Cleaning your dog’s ear is a very easy process if you follow these simple tips.

  • Squirt some air wash formula for your dog’s ear, don’t use straight peroxide.
  • Massage his ears to be sure it’s covering inside the ear canal.
  • Now use a cotton ball to wipe out visible portion avoid cotton swab and you are done.

13. Potty Train Your German Shepherd

Well, this may sound wicked, but this can surely save you up from getting into a lot of mess. Take your German Shepherd for loosening up once in a while depending on his age. This would make it a habit, and it can save you from a lot of mess. As per dog-training-excellence.com, you should follow these steps:

  • If your pup is two months of age take him for poop every 2-3 hours.
  • Add up 1 hour for every one-month elder pup.
  • If your pup is six months or more pooping every 6-8 hours is normal.
  • Take him for poop right after a meal, a nap and a playtime session.

14. Channelize His Intellect To Make Him Mentally Fit

Intellect the most important gift of nature given to a German shepherd. The whole breed of GermanShepherd is much more intelligent than any other breed of dog. So, you must know how to channelize his intellect properly. You should teach him all sorts of commands. Ranging from simple commands like sit and stand to more difficult commands like go and get that.

But when it comes to intellect there is a problem with dogs. Listed in this great book by expert dog trainer Jean Donaldson in his book “the culture clash.” She says that you need to teach your dog a thing at a new place everything from scratch. Let me explain this. For humans sit, means to sit may it be anywhere. However for a dog if you previously taught him to “sit” in the kitchen. “Sit” on the lawn may not be the same for your pup. So you should channelize his intellect in an effective way.

15. The All-time Golden Tip

Well, the all-time golden tip to make any dog fit and healthy is to “Reward good behavior and ignore bad behavior.” We have discussed good rewarding behavior so let’s discuss ignoring bad acts of your dog. A dog just like humans is a petty creature who can commit a lot of mistakes.

You should understand this that you in spite of having all the senses commit a lot of mistakes then a dog surely has a right to commit a whole lot of mistakes and it’s your duty as his master to caress him and teach him when he does one instead of beating him or scolding him. Following this golden tip will always yield great results in confidence of your dogs. A confident dog always seems to be fit.

Here were some easy tips which you can inculcate in the daily routine of your dog to make him much healthier and stealthier. Even your dog can look like that healthy German Shepherd in your neighborhood if you follow these simple tips judiciously. Please let us know your suggestions in the comments sections below

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